Meet Katie

Katie Windham is the woman behind the Love Katie Darling brand.  While she is technically the only one who works there, you should know it took over 40 years and countless people to pull and push her up the ladder and lift her up onto the cloud she now sits upon.

She was lucky enough to be born in New Orleans and grow up north of Lake Pontchartrain where she rode her bike and climbed trees and listened to the cicadas singing.  Her first grade teacher introduced her to books (and some of the best illustrators) and that was that.  Her high school art teacher would be the first person to truly awaken the creative spirit within her and show her a new way of living authentically. 

A few years later, luck would deliver Katie to the most delightful port city of Charleston where she worked very hard for her professors in Art History, Studio Art, and Creative Writing and may have skipped a class to read Josephine Humphrey’s Rich in Love in an old apartment with the windows open.  [Commence montage of Katie’s love of historic port cities, cobblestone streets, old houses, trees, water, riding a bike with flowers in the basket, going to the movie theater alone for a matinee, French film heroines, etc.]  After graduating from the College of Charleston, Katie landed in uptown New Orleans and fell in love with a scholar in the library at Tulane University.  They are the lucky parents of several deeply good humans, and live a quiet life of laughter, creativity, and love.

Love Katie Darling was technically invented in 2020, but had pretty much been in the making for 40 or so years prior.  It includes paintings, photography, digital art and design, and the rogue sculpture or two.

Katie works mostly in acrylic paint and gouache.  Rarely does a day go by where she doesn’t photograph something. 

Katie loves her family, finding “hearts” from the universe, time traveling through music, words, and remembering who she has always been.

She’s so glad you are here!