Welcome to the World of Katie Darling

If you are reading this, we must be kindred sprits.

Imagine all the tiny and huge steps you’ve taken, and which ones have led you here to this day or this night when you are reading these words.

Do we know one another in real life?  Are we imaginary friends?  

We must be kindred spirits.

The world of Katie Darling is filled with whimsy and wild magic.  In this world, turtles have pink painted houses on their backs.  Clouds are numbered and assigned.  We build or borrow ladders to reach them.  We believe that we meet people so they can love us into being, and the gifts they leave with us are like forever flowers.

We flutter like butterflies and float like lily pads.

We are strong like the saucer magnolia trees that bloom every winter where we live.  We are full of the courage necessary to build our own wings as we learn to fly.

The world of Katie Darling believes in the magic of children and childhood.  Here we can time travel through photographs and words and music.  Every single thing has some meaning and if we arrange our collections just so, we can see the trail of breadcrumbs that led us to this day, this moment.

In the world of Katie Darling, we can build a tribute to wonder together, each in separate unique awe at it all, if we can get up off our knees.

You are always welcome here.

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