Love Katie Darling is the creative world of Katie Windham, a New Orleans-based artist.

Katie is a mostly self-taught artist and self-proclaimed “late bloomer."  Because you’ll want to know, she was lucky enough to land at the College of Charleston and earn a degree in Art History a very long time ago.  Currently, she’s an elementary school librarian by day, and she would tell you that some of the best art in the world can be found in a library of picture books for children. She is a painter at night and on weekends, often with a little one or two at her feet.

She lives on a little corner-farm/homestead in a love-filled home in a busy lakefront neighborhood with her musician-scholar husband, four precious children, three inspiring cats, six lucky turtles, and sometimes a shy crawfish or two.  She’s secretly trying to have the most colorful property in her neighborhood and can often be found quickly painting anything that stands still long enough.